Ticket price 2018

Registration: https://goo.gl/52oXAb



Professionals ticket – to be able to use this option, at the time of registration for the conference you need to be an Babywearing Consultants, Babywearing Teacher or Babywearing Coach

Guardian for the child / playroom – Traditionally, children from birth to one year of age can stay in the conference room together with their parents. Children aged 1-3 may stay in the playroom only under the supervision of an adult. The child’s guardian is included in the catering and can use it. Children over 3 years of age can stay in the playroom under the care of animators working there. Children are not included in the conference catering. Parents must take care of their children’s food on their own.

Lunch – Lunch will be issued at the Garden City Restaurant (Pavilion 15, 1st floor) after showing the voucher. The lunch set includes: Soup + main course (meat, vegetarian and fish dishes to choose from). Each set is provided with a drink in a bottle (100% juice, soda / sparkling water, PEPSI drink available)

Admission to the trade fair zone is free.