Babywearing is very unique form of closeness for both the parent and the child. This stage of parenthood sometimes passes faster than we would like and only memories remain. Could it be? Oh no! In addition to the memories, there are also photos. Babywearing’s photography is a relatively new trend in family photography, but we already have talented photographers here who can capture these moments for us. To their glory, we organized a competition for the Best Babywearing Photographer of 2018. What do you need to do to enter the competition? If you are a photographer (it does not matter if you have your own business or you are an amateur) specializing in babywearing photography, please send us your profile picture with a description of your activities (3-4 sentences) and a link to the gallery of your work. We also encourage everyone who had such a session to encourage their photographers to take part in the competition. The jury’s role will be played by the babywearing community around the world. You can vote using Facebook. Details will be provided soon. Applications can be sent to our e-mail address: We wait for your candidacy until 31/07/2018. The winners of the competition will organize an exhibition of works during the 4th National Babywearing Conference, 15/09/2018 in Poznań. The laureate will also receive a prize, but let it be a surprise 🙂 This photographers come out of hiding and let the whole world know!