BabyWearing Angels is a unique distinction for a person who, through his tireless work, works to promote the culture of a babywearing in the world. These initiatives are a whole series – starting with carrying their own children in a sling and keeping their example to other parents, by integrating the local parents’ community, organizing workshops and meetings, being present in the blog and vlogosphere, running their own activities in the babywearing … These initiatives is lots of. We know how hard work is. How many walls need to be fall down, how many adversities must be overcome. This is a very grateful job, but at the same time it requires a lot of knowledge not only in the field of babywearing, responsibility, empathy for another person. We know that there are many wonderful people who take such actions, which is why we decided to reward them.

Who can become an Babywearing Angel? Anyone who promotes the idea of a world-made babywearing by his actions. The winners can be individual person and also hole companies. If you think that you deserve this distinction with your work – please tell us about it! If there is such an Babywearing Angel in your area, please report it to the plebiscite! How to do it? All you have to do is send a notification describing your / some activities at mail
From among the submitted applications, the jury will choose one person
who will receive the title of the Babywearing Angel. The results of the plebiscite will be announced during the 5th Polish Babywearing Conference, 14/09/2019 in Poznań. We wait for your candidacy until July 31, 2019.

“Angels are people who carry light. Where they are, it becomes clear and transparent. Angels are people who have been given a paradise of primordial joy. Angels help to stand on broken legs and invisibly maintain the balance of the world. You feel in them a little bit of unfathomable goodness that wants to embrace you. In these people, I feel God coming to me with his tenderness and prudent solicitude. […] There are angels in the world, but there are too few of them. […] God is looking for angels among modern people. […] Come on, you are an angel, and there are enough people in your environment for whom you can be an angel.” Phil Bosmans


Marta Alabrudzińska – a biotechnology by education, a teacher by profession, and a passion for adviser to carry children in wraps and soft carriers with a DieTrageschule® certificate-Germanic school of babywearing from Dresden and accreditation of the Children’s
BabyWearing Academy. The owner of Baby in Khust. President of the Association of Educators and Advisers for Babywearing SEDNO. Since 2009 he has been promoting the babywearing in wraps in the Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and surrounding areas, organizing meetings for parents – first, for many years, under the Kangaroo Club, then under the name Gadki Szmatki, and now within the Wszechnica, in which she works with 3 others counselors from those area. She also conducts presentations and talks at birth schools as well as workshops and consultations. Privately, my mother has five children. He actively carries his babies in a wraps from the first days of life.

Izabela Banach-Kubik – A mother of three children. Babywearing her daughter turned out to be inspiring to her, not just parenting. Since in 2011, she became a counselor for wearing ClauWi, professionally shares her knowledge and experience with parents who want to have children close to each other and use wraps and soft carrier. People, building their competences, working with them with a wraps in the background is her passion. In 2013, she started a coaching career at ClauWi, co-leading courses for advisers with Anna Nogajska. Many years of work as a coach, coach, manager in corporations gave her a very strong foundation for further professional development on the new road. Since 2014 he has been a representative of the ClauWi® school in Poland.

Magdalena Konieczka – originator and main  organizer of the National Babywearing Conference. An accredited adviser to the Babywearing Academy, the Breastfeeding Promoter, Doul. Vice-president of the Association of Educators and Advisers BabyWearing SEDNO. The author of the blog The owner of the “Daj się ponieść” Academy of Babywearing. A declared wrap mum. She was a rowering, she loves sport to this day. He loves to write (with sense, but without she can also). Mother of Franek, Helenka and Jerzy, Przemek’s wife.

Magdalena Sendor – Everything what happened in her life since 2006 is thanks to the kids. She created he website to share with her parents what she was passionate about then: ecological accompaniment to a small child, both in the material, nutrition and psychological sphere. Along with wrap and reusable diapers, there was also communication based on empathy, or Communication without Violence. At a certain moment, she also matured to share her knowledge of babywearing and together with Marta Żurek set up the Children’s Babyweearing Academy, the first Polish school of babywearing that has been in operation since 2010. She is also the author of the books: “Wear your child. Why, how and in what? “(Harmony, 2008) and” Get along with your child. Coaching. Empathy. Parenthood, ed. CoJaNaTo, 2013. Privately, mother of two children, 11 and 8 years old.

Agata Piasecka – Laureate of the first edition of the BabywearingAngels plebiscite. Children’s Career Advisor, founder of one of the first associations in the country that associate the babywearing community – the Poznań Babywearing Association.

Majka Mazur – Laureate of the second edition of the BabywearingAngels plebiscite. Babywearing adviser Die Trageschule Dresden. She works in Olsztyn.